Welcome to Oak City Collection!

Our region is virtually all over any “top 10 best” lists you could think of, and people from all over are falling in love with our southern flavors and traditions.  This contagious passion for local styles and ever-growing list of local breweries are leading folks to us.  And if you love showing off as much as we do, throwing on one of our striking T’s that tastefully boast their names and icons is the way to go!  Our designs are often sold and being worn all over the  country. 

Think all we have to offer are t-shirts?  Not quite.  While we do have an extensive collection of awesome shirts and tanks (most offered in both unisex and lady’s only), we can feel the temperature slowly dropping just like you can. We offer a variety of crew neck sweatshirts, hoodies and long sleeved shirts to help keep you warm while you tailgate a the stadium this fall.

Our NC shaped sticker featuring a heart planted inside it can be seen on car windows everywhere and is a great way to showcase your feelings. And there are many more of our “happy things” for you to pick up.  We carry an assortment of awesome coffee mugs with  local designs, Koozies, and Etched Elegance stemware.

We here at Oak City Collection are continuing to grow and discover new and inventive ways to help you show your pride for what makes this area special.